Can my Fabric be Printed All in one Continuous Piece ?

For most Quancious fabrics, the length of the print is limited only by the length of the roll of fabric it’s being printed on. In all cases, we will attempt to print fabrics as long as we possibly can. In some instances, we may need to print a long run in pieces — for example, a 200 Meter item may be printed in two 100 Meter pieces, since the base fabric roll is not long enough for 200 continuous Meters, or a 100 Meter item may print as two 50 Meter pieces. However, we ensure that no printed piece is less than 5m in length.

For print runs over 10 Meters, we may print additional yardage to make up for any small flaws in the main length of the print. Such flaws may be small spots of ink, a pulled thread, or something similar than can generally be worked around.

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