When will I be charged the Duties and taxes ( GST/VAT )

The customs duty and taxes like GST/Vat ( if applicable ) will be charged to you at checkout provided your shipping address belongs to any one of the following countries listed below this para and UPS is able to fetch the relevant duties and taxes for the products you have ordered. In such cases, you will not be charged any extra amount at the time of delivery.  In case your shipping address does not fall in the below list of countries or if the UPS database is not able to fetch the relevant duties and taxes for your product, duties and taxes would not be charged to you at the time of checkout. However, the same would be collected by the delivery service provider at the time of delivery to your shipping address. A message to this effect would be shown to you at the time of checkout

  1. United States of America ( U.S.A. )
  2. Canada
  3. United Kingdom ( U.K. )
  4. Germany
  5. Poland
  6. France
  7. Croatia
  8. Italy
  9. Ireland
  10. Romania
  11. Spain
  12. Bulgaria
  13. Sweden
  14. Greece
  15. Hungary
  16. Czech Republic
  17. Austria
  18. Netherlands
  19. Finland
  20. Portugal
  21. Malta
  22. Slovenia
  23. Denmark
  24. Belgium
  25. Cyprus
  26. Lithunia
  27. Slovakia
  28. Estonia
  29. Latvia
  30. Luxembourg
  31. Switzerland
  32. Norway
  33. Australia
  34. China
  35. Hong Kong
  36. Indonesia
  37. Israel
  38. Japan
  39. New Zealand
  40. Singapore
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